Arunachal Pradesh Police recruits Constable posts. 10th passed candidates can apply.

About Arunachal Pradesh Police

Having been constituted only in 1972, Arunachal Pradesh Police remains one of the youngest police services of the country. There are several historical factors for this delayed constitution of the force. Being an integral arm of the law & order administration in the state, it had to follow the prevailing norms, which in the shape of customary laws, were very rightly, given a position of preeminence. In fact, the whole philosophy of administration in this area, in the words(957) of our first Prime Minister, was summed up as:
“We should avoid over administering the area and in particular sending too many outsiders into tribal territory. Various avenues of development have to be pushed within the broad framework of five fundamental principles.
1. People should develop along the lines of their own genius and we should avoid imposing anything on them, we should try to encourage in every way their own traditional arts and culture.
2. Tribal rights in lands and forest should be supported.
3. We should try to train and build up a team of their own people to do the work of administration and development. Some technical personnel from outside will, no doubt, be needed especially in the beginning. But we should avoid introducing too many outsiders in the tribal territory.
4. We should not over administer these areas or overwhelm them with multiplicity of schemes. We should rather work through and not in rivalry to their own social and cultural institutions.
5. We should judge results not by statistics or the amount of money spent but by the quality of human character that in involved”.
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